Entertaining Insanity at its finest - Eating and Drinking through the World Series

Fried Chicken from Southern night! Yum!
Italian night
The tequila bar is always open at Casa Camacho
The unused wine charm. Thank God nobody picked up the blue one!
Standing room only!

Yes. I am insane. Just want to be crystal clear on this. I can’t think of any other insane person I know (and I know a lot) that would host seven World Series viewing parties for 20 to 30 people. I am tired now just thinking about it. But hey, San Francisco is a first class food city with a first class baseball team. We have to party the SF way.

So how are we pulling this off? Well…..
Make it potluck. Not just any potluck: San Francisco potluck. It has to be organized and fun and the food must be no less than World Series caliber. Just in case the game goes bad, we can always talk about the food. I usually like to do everything myself but, hey, I might be insane but I am not stupid. It has to be potluck.
• Make themes and give guidance. Here is what I sent out to the guests for themes:

Game 1 - Tuesday 10/21 - Indian/Moroccan
- Camachos: Curried Chicken Salad with Roasted Carrots
- Suggestions: Samosas, naan, curry and rice, kebabs

Game 2 - Wednesday 10/22 - American Grill
- Camachos: salad and foie gras hamburgers
- Suggestions: you know…. meats, hot dogs whatever you want to grill

Game 3 - Friday 10/24 - Italian
- Camachos: spaghetti and meatballs
- Suggestions: caesar salad, antipasta, pizza etc

Game 4 - Saturday 10/25 - Southern
- Camachos: Fried Chicken
- Suggestions: red Beans, Rice salad, shrimp, tomato corn bread salad, black eye pea salad

If it is not a sweep then…..

Game 5 - Sunday 10/26 - English Pub
- Camachos: Shepherds Pie
- Suggestions: cheese, bangers, pasties, tomato and goat cheese tart

Game 6 - Tuesday 10/28 - Spanish
- Camachos: Arroz con pollo
- Suggestions: Spanish Tortilla, tapas, anything pork, salad with romesco dressing

Game 7 - Wednesday 10/29 - Undecided (one guest commented it should be Alka Seltzer night)

• Parameters for guests: MUST be completely obsessed with SF Giants AND MUST be completely obsessed with food/wine, and I have to feel comfortable that I know them well enough that if my hostessing skills slip that they will not be offended.
• Have a great team. I don’t know what I would do without my husband and my daughter. We all had our routines down. I would wash two loads before bed and two loads in the morning, wash all the linens, iron and wipe everything down. Hubby would take out all trash, sweep and mop, and chill down all the beverages. My daughter kindly helped the younger guests, ran errands and even made dinner on Sunday while I was at the opera.
• Pace yourself. It's not a 100-yard dash, it's a marathon.
• Let some of the normal details go. Usually I like to get everything for guests, but this really is a pitch-in and help yourself deal.
• Wines… for white I reached a lot for bright whites and a few guests brought their favorite chards. On the reds, I found that Syrahs were pretty much the workhorse for the task at hand. Pinots are too light and cabs were just too big. One client texted me, and said, "Opened the good hope wine in 6th..,tasted great and worked!!! “ Love that! She was referencing The Winery of Good Hope that I just shipped. We drank that one, too.
• My lord, can my friends cook! Amazing dishes were brought as people have really embraced the themes. I will post some of the highlights on FB.
• Sign up for boot camp right after the World Series… Seriously, seven days of partying is hard on the waistline.

GO GIANTS, and I hope you clinch it tonight!

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