Anniversary Year — Changing with the times

I cannot believe that Wine Unleashed is 10 years old this year! I have loved getting to know people’s palates and their wine and lifestyle preferences. We are all so different in these preferences but yet all Wine Unleashed members have a common bond in that we like trying new wines, boutique winemakers, and good value.

I have a few things slotted to change this year, including an updated website (but that is quite a few months away). In the near term, I am changing the price points for Everyday Libation wines to broaden our options.

Wine Unleashed’s focus has always been to find interesting wines, value, uniqueness, and small production wines. Lately, I have found that wines in the Everyday Libation price range have shifted from $11-$18 up to $14-$21. Yes, of course, if I find wines that are under $14 that meet those parameters, I snatch them up. But we've been missing the boat on some spectacular wines that are priced between $18 and $21. I've been selling these for special parties but members have been missing out on some fun and compelling wines. Industry wide, I think this range is the most exciting. So the new range for Everyday Libations monthly shipment will hover around $65 (instead of $60).

Would love to hear from YOU. What works for you? What doesn’t work for you?

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